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We have the largest range of M2/1.3343 tool steel available from stock, offer a cutting. Our commitment lies in building long-term partnerships through reliable products and excellent service.

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M2 Steel Round Bar:

diameter 2mm–200mm

Steel Plate:

thickness 2-200mm x width 200-610mm

Another dimension according to your requirements Surface condition:
— Black, annealed Rough Machined, Turned, or as per given requirements.

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C0.78-0.88 0.86-0.94
Mn0.15-0.40 –
P0.03max 0.45max
S0.03max 0.03max
Si0.2-0.45 –
Cr3.75-4.5 3.8-4.5
V1.75-2.2 1.7-2.1
Mo4.5-5.5 4.7-5.2
W5.5-6.75 5.9-6.7

Heat Treatment

1 +A: Annealed (full/soft/spheroidizing)

2 +N: Normalized

3 +NT: Normalized and tempered

4 +QT: Quenched and tempered (water/oil)


The main use of high-speed steels continues to be in the manufacture of various cutting tools.

Typical applications for M2 high speed steel are twist drills, reamers, broaching tools, taps, milling tools, metal saws. M2 is suitable for cold forming tools such as extrusion rams and dies, also widely used in all kinds of cutting tools, knife and punches and die applications, plastic moulds with elevated wear resistance and screws.

Company Profile

Qilu Steel is a leading supplier of high-quality tool steel with extensive experience in the industry. Our investment in a specialized factory further demonstrates our commitment to being at the forefront of the tool steel industry. We offer a wide range of tool steel grades, including P20, H13, D2, and S7, each with unique properties suited for different applications.